Holidays in France

Why choose France to holiday?

When people think about France, they usually think about Paris, which has to be seen once. But going on touristic buses to take pictures isn’t something you would do more than once. But spending quality time with your family and your friends to relax is something else. That’s why people choose to come again in the south east of France.

All of its activities and locations are worth coming several times to make sure nothing has been missed. Either you enjoy sports activities, landscape watching, or just want to get a nice tan by the pool or on the beach. You will find what you are looking for here, and the Mimosas campsite is right in the middle of it.

Mimosas, the best holiday park in France

With no less than 400 camping pitches of all sizes and all accommodations, and a good deal of rentals for your friends and family, for all budgets.

The 5 star Mimosas south of France campsite offers you one of the biggest waterpark in France : 400m² of pools and water slides for everyone and a wellness area for the adults will ensure you never get bored inside the camping club for when you’re not exploring our beautiful region and its premium locations.

Spend holidays near a french beach

Being by the beach has a lot of advantages : lots of sea related activities such as windsurfing, scuba diving, boat touring, fishing… or just simply enjoying the white sands and blue waters. Take a dive in the sea or take a nap on the sand to relax while your kids are enjoying the monitored beach. Lots of snacks and restaurants are nearby so you can spend the whole day there.