Family friendly campsite

Spend holidays in france in family

Choosing to spend family holidays in southern France is a good choice in every situation. whether you prefer the ambiance of relaxing vacations on the side of the pool or at the beach, or going on adventures with your family taking roadtrips, hiking on bikes, visiting touristic sites… South of France is one ideal destination to make great memories with your family. Don’t worry about planning anything, our campsite’s reception service has all the informations you could need and will be happy to help you take reservations for your family roadtrips in your camping-car or caravan to visit southern France and enjoy its mediterranean landscapes.

Mimosas is a french family friendly campsite

The Mimosas campsite is a camping club made for family holidays in France. Every person of every age will have something to do that they’ll enjoy in the campsite. Staying by the pools, taking the big slides, dads and sons can play sports while moms and daughters can do fitness with aquagym classes every morning.
During the day, kids of 6 to 10 years old can join the campsite’s kids club, teenagers of 10 to 14 years old can join the teens club.
At night, you can join the camping club’s stage to assist the eventing entertainment : shows, concerts, magic shows, dancing nights… This is why the Mimosas camping club is one of the best family campsites of southern France.

Found our family camping in the south of France

Our campsite is located next to the French Riviera, and shares the same sun and view. The weather is one of the most important thing that will determinate what you’ll do everyday so having that nice mediterranean climat is a great advantage for your family camping holidays in southern France. Going to the beach isn’t the only activity you can do outside the camping club. You can take your camping car / caravan and go on a little road trip to the other towns of the area : Cap d’Agde, B├ęziers, Vias and Valras are great locations to go to as a family. You can also go for a boat ride on the Canal du Midi. Hiking lovers will also have the opportunity to hire bikes to go for a little adventure together as a family.